Saving Books For Special Occasions

What is a book hoarder? Me, I is a book hoarder. Yes, that was horrendous english but it’s also completely true. I have tons and tons of books that are unread on my shelves, but at the same time – I also have my favourite books that I would never get rid of. These books all have their own special purposes, to be reread when I’m feeling a certain way. To entertain me, when nothing else will. Here are the special few.

For An Apocalypse. I would definitely have to choose Station Eleven. Not only would it help keep me grounded in what used to be and what is now, but it might also give me a few tips on how to survive. It would also remind me, no matter what horrors I’m going through, that there is some good out there – and I think I would be grateful for that.

For When I’m Not Feeling Well. The Queen of Bright and Shiny things, or To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. These are such lighthearted books, stuffed full of love and friendship – how could they not make me feel better?

To Look Smart. I’m generally a huge advocate for reading what you want, but there comes a time when my most recent read might not shine a very good light on me. Therefore, my go to book is SPQR by Mary Beard (which I haven’t fully read) but it makes me look a little smarter than I am.

To get my political vibe on, I run to the Queen of the Tearling series. As a queen, I think she’s amazing. There’s none of that posturing that you often see in books like this, she cares for her people but also has to deal with the struggles of court. Of what’s right, what can’t be changed and what she needs to get rid of.

To help remind me why I’m such a huge advocate for seeing both side, I pick up the Red Rising series. It’s full of morally grey characters, who all have their own backstories and battles to win. No one is entirely in the right, but at the same time, no one is entirely in the wrong.


Huge thanks to Kristen for letting me use her post for my inspiration. What books are you saving for special occasions?

Fleur xox
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  1. I have books I haven’t read for special occasions! Like certain books I want to read in a certain month or when I’m feeling a certain way. I don’t often reread books. Like in the spring I tend to read a lot of Stephen King books and in the fall I read thrillers etc. Also I still haven’t read station eleven even though I’ve been meaning to. 🙈


    1. I can definitely relate to saving books for when I’m feeling a certain way. I’ve never really thought about saving books for different seasons, but I suppose that’s due to the fact that the country I live in has one season. Hot. It’s basically summer all year round.

      Station eleven is honestly such a refreshing read. I would recommend it 100%!


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